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Are you a tenacious networker that people can trust? Do you enjoy the challenge of new business development? Then read on for an exciting sales opportunity with a company with a solid reputation for service and reliability.

What is "Merchant Services?". Every business has to accept debit and credit for their goods and services. In Canada most merchants (stores/offices/businesses) use a chip and pin enabled terminal. That is what we sell and while the industry is rife with less than honest organizations that deserve their bad reputation at POS Canada we have survived over 20 years with a "customer for life" attitude.

We are looking for outside sales people to present our services to the local businesses. The hardest part of this sale is gaining the owners trust, but once you do,  they will present you with their current processing contract and we as a company will then try to save them money. In most cases we can do just that so your service to your customers saves them money on their bottom line. How often can you sell something with an immediate return on investment?

Compensation has many layers. Our competitors often have commission based remuneration but we believe in providing a small salary every month. Our salespeople will earn spiffs on every equipment sold, residuals on your clients revenue every month for a full year, plus expense a tank of your gas every week. Residuals is where a salesperson can see their income increase. As a company you can expect a toll free, 24/7 technical support, sales support, and a solid reputation behind you.

But we have expectations, it is a competitive sales arena and we expect activity. We expect 4-6 new deals every month and you will use your connections, work ethic, cold calling, business networking, and more to reach that goal. 


The first step is to apply, send your resume to sales@poscanada.com.   We will then schedule an introductory phone call to provide more information to determine whether this is a good fit for both of us.


Sales is all about timing, maybe this is the right time for you to apply!

Please forward your resume to:

POS Canada
5580 Ambler Drive,
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 2K9

Phone: 905-629-2990
Fax: 905-629-9552
E-Mail: service@poscanada.com

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