POS Canada


“We have been searching for a point of sale system which had the flexibility and innovative features allowing us to customize to our operational procedures. We believe we have found the right system in Maitre’D"

Eric Lee

Director of Information Technology

Prime Restaurants

 “Yvonne Denies just spent a couple days providing live support to us here during our opening.

I wanted to let you know that she was fabulous. Lauren from Prime warned us that Yvonne would be great, but she went far beyond what we could have hoped.

She spent extra time, was very patient and did anything and everything she could to help us out.


Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how much we appreciated her.”

Harold Kaiser


Fionn MacCool's - Orangeville

“Maitre’D has allowed us to better manage inventory levels which helps manage food costs, improves ordering and improves cash flow.

By using its ability to review theoretical costings for a weighted sales mix, we can…

  • Hold our locations more accountable for cost controls by providing them with real-time reports that help them better manage margins and inventory levels.
  • Review opportunities on our existing menu so that when we develop a new menu, we are more informed about pricing structures, menu recipe opportunities, and projecting sales mix for current and future production scheduling.

Maitre’D is an extremely practical integrated software platform that allows our company to centralize the managements of many Back-Office functions while providing accurate Real-Time reporting, and allowing our managers more time to manage.”

Kirk Vines

Informations & Technology Manager

Turtle Jacks Restaurants

"Our requirement was to match a computer based POS system to a high volume QSR and to produce reports that literally give us up to the minute sales and marketing data. POS Canada did an excellent job guiding us in the right direction and following through with our initial installation."

Jim Spence

AVP Concept Development

Sarku Japan

"POS Canada has been our POS provider for over 20 years. Whether assessing our POS needs for a new restaurant concept, or a replacement system for an existing operation, POS Canada has consistently gone to great lengths to ensure that they provide the most suitable systems, at very competitive prices. On an occasion where emergency technical support was needed, POS Canada acted quickly and reliably, keeping down time to an absolute minimum".

Robert Dearing

Director of Operations

Hbc Food Services

"At Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE), exciting our fans is of the utmost important to us and POS Canada has helped us maintain this.  For many years, POS Canada and Perlick have provided MLSE with the expertise necessary to ensuring our Quick Service stands, fine dining venues, and our newest Real Sports Bar & Grill arena bar, are supplied with the best beverage dispensing tools, which are necessary to a successful business."

Michael L. Doyle

Vice President, Food & Beverage

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd.

"We just had the opening night of our second restaurant yesterday. This is the first time we have used your system. While the system is great, I just could not let today go by (even amidst the unbearable stress and chaos) without writing you about Paul Harris. 

Paul has been up twice to help us set up. He has been so profoundly knowledgeable and professional which we always appreciate. More than that he has been one of the most accommodating, patient and lovely people to have present in a sea of mayhem. 

He was incredibly thorough and very intelligent in his training and added such a level of comfort and support for us in making it so user friendly. After leaving when we were open and were ready to be on our own, Paul called us last night close to closing to check in, see if we needed any help and to wish us well. I just spoke to him today to go over a few questions and he was just as wonderful as ever.

I know as a business owner how difficult it is to find good people. Paul is an ambassador for your company. I hope that he as cherished and recognized within your company as he is by your clients. I consider him a saving grace, a true professional and now proudly, a friend. 

I just had to let you know".

Wispy Boivin


The Tremont

"We have had great experiences working with POS Canada on the implementation of a new POS system for a food and beverage operation. From our first contact, to our demo presentations, to our install and implementation, the team at POS Canada was extremely available to answer questions, offer assistance and troubleshoot. We have been working with our Maitre’D software for about six months and are pleased with its capabilities.

The POS Canada Support Line has been an invaluable resource for our front-line staff.  They are able to call and get quick service when they have system issues they cannot resolve.

We have experienced, on several occasions, that our support calls are deemed by POS Canada staff as “the first time we’ve encountered that problem.”  To their credit, even with our new issues, POS Canada has been able to resolve every concern within a reasonable amount of time.  We have been impressed that no problem has gone unsolved, no matter how rare."

Michelle Szafer

Operations Manager

Brock University Students' Union

 “We have been in business with POS Canada since we first opened 15 years ago.  Because of their ability to change and adapt to the current times in terms of software and hardware requirements we have had nothing but tremendous success with them.  The Maitre'D system is user friendly allowing me to get more personal trained effectively and immediately with very little cost.  A great support team that offers professional and courteous help at all times with the ability to trouble shoot any problems at any time.”

Roy Clifton


Snug Harbour Restaurant

“4 years ago I began the process of trying to find a new P.O.S. system. With 31 P.O.S. workstations, 4 wireless P.O.S. handhelds and 5 back-office locations all operating in an environment consisting of 10 quick service stands, a 330 person restaurant and 31 V.I.P. suites, finding a P.O.S. system flexible and stable enough to handle our operation posed a daunting challenge. Maitre’d has been able to handle all that and then some.  It’s fully customizable and flexible design combined with its advanced security and reporting features has made it a perfect fit for the Sleeman Centre.

POS Canada made my transition to Maitre’d almost painless and since that initial install POS Canada has excelled at providing me with impeccable service. Whenever I have had a problem, day or night, weekend or weekday, I have always been able to have the issue rectified quickly with a simple call to their service department. The quality of service I have received from them is definitely not what I would expect to receive from a typical POS provider. I’ve worked for over 25 years in the hospitality industry and from that experience I know that most POS providers are great at selling you a product, but they are terrible at backing it up. POS Canada is not like those other providers as they have continually exceeded my service expectations and for that I would like to directly thank Sumegh Vyas, Director of Operations for POS Canada, and all of his staff.

With POS Canada delivering and maintaining an outstanding POS system in Maitre’d you simply can’t go wrong. I know that POS Canada will be servicing my Maitre’d software for many years to come.”

Tom Boychuck

Food and Beverage Services

Sleeman Centre

"We have worked with POS Canada for more than 5 years now. Over that time they have provided the level of support and expertise required to keep our busy, fast paced restaurant operating with maximum efficiency. There is no doubt that our cost of doing business has been kept under control by using the tools available to us. Thank you to Sumegh and his team for helping my team succeed."

Mike Kriemadis


La Station Deli and Bar

RSPA Member RSPA Certified 2011 CRFA Member 2013 MS SMB PA-DSS EMV