POS Canada


Kirk Vines

Informations & Technology Manager
Turtle Jacks Restaurants

“Maitre’D has allowed us to better manage inventory levels which helps manage food costs, improves ordering and improves cash flow.

By using its ability to review theoretical costings for a weighted sales mix, we can…

  • Hold our locations more accountable for cost controls by providing them with real-time reports that help them better manage margins and inventory levels.
  • Review opportunities on our existing menu so that when we develop a new menu, we are more informed about pricing structures, menu recipe opportunities, and projecting sales mix for current and future production scheduling.

Maitre’D is an extremely practical integrated software platform that allows our company to centralize the managements of many Back-Office functions while providing accurate Real-Time reporting, and allowing our managers more time to manage.”

RSPA Member RSPA Certified 2011 CRFA Member 2013 MS SMB PA-DSS EMV