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Wispy Boivin

The Tremont

"We just had the opening night of our second restaurant yesterday. This is the first time we have used your system. While the system is great, I just could not let today go by (even amidst the unbearable stress and chaos) without writing you about Paul Harris. 

Paul has been up twice to help us set up. He has been so profoundly knowledgeable and professional which we always appreciate. More than that he has been one of the most accommodating, patient and lovely people to have present in a sea of mayhem. 

He was incredibly thorough and very intelligent in his training and added such a level of comfort and support for us in making it so user friendly. After leaving when we were open and were ready to be on our own, Paul called us last night close to closing to check in, see if we needed any help and to wish us well. I just spoke to him today to go over a few questions and he was just as wonderful as ever.

I know as a business owner how difficult it is to find good people. Paul is an ambassador for your company. I hope that he as cherished and recognized within your company as he is by your clients. I consider him a saving grace, a true professional and now proudly, a friend. 

I just had to let you know".

RSPA Member RSPA Certified 2011 CRFA Member 2013 MS SMB PA-DSS EMV