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Auper Electronic Controls Inc was officially founded in 1987 although the principals of the time had been in business since 1983 building and installing electronically controlled wine dispensers and draught beer systems. Auper was the first company in North America to develop and manufacture a flow meter specifically designed for draft beer. This unique flow meter was designed in 1985 and has remained unchanged since then.

Our flow meter systems are used in thousands of bars, casinos and stadiums throughout the world. In over 20 years with this product, we have acquired more background and experience than anyone in the business providing us with the know-how needed for countless successful integrations.

Auper is also known for its ongoing R&D activities which have led to the development of unique products such as the Eclipse Hv liquor systems and the latest innovation: the Imatic dispenser.

As technology evolves, we do our best to keep up with the pace which is clearly reflected when one looks at the array of products we offer.

Flow meter Systems

The Auper flow meter is celebrating it’s 25th year on the market in 2010. Tens of thousands are in use all over the world in all kinds of draft beer dispensers. Our flow meters are also used regularily to monitor other liquids such as wine, liquor, syrup, juice, coffee, oil and water. The flow meter is made of FDA approved Delrin making it suitable for use in bars and beverage applications. All the components have passed the test of time enduring over decades of caustic wine and beer line cleaning chemicals. The Auper flow meters are known for their durability and reliability as well as for their great accuracy.

In 2009, we made available a digital version of our flow meters ready to connect to third parties electronic digital systems requiring 5 to 12 volts DC pulses for input signals. The small electronic circuit is encapsulated in silicone to protect it from liquids and humidity. Otherwise, all the specifications are the same as our regular analog flow meter that we have been using for the last two and a half decades.

Eclipse Dispensers

Activator ring liquor systems have been on the market since the 1970's. They have been around for so long because they get the job done.

If you are looking for a solution to lower your liquor costs and increase sales, the Eclipse liquor system offers the best price/quality ratio of the industry. It is the latest of several generations of a time proven option you should consider in your quest to improve your bottom line.

Why do the Eclipse liquor systems work?

The Eclipse is a portion control system, not an inventory control system. It does the counting and the measuring for your bartenders.

It doesn't get distracted and it doesn't forget. It is in our opinion, what it takes to control liquor and wine efficiently. The Eclipse liquor systems were not designed to report discrepancies. They were designed to help you prevent them.

Every shot served (4 pour sizes per brand or category) is accounted for as they are dispensed effectively preventing over pouring, unauthorized comps, unregistered sales and theft. Depending on the model, the Eclipse will report by brand or price category either to a serial printer or connected to a computer using our Liquor Manager software. You can interface the Eclipse to your POS or cash register for a completely integrated bar control system or use the Liquor Manager's sales

I-Matic Dispensers
  • 8 programmable pour sizes per faucet
  • 8 automatic dispensing heads per system
  • 8 additional flow meter counters for regular beverage tracking
  • Imatic no maintenance all stainless steel Imatic beer/wine faucet
  • Choice of Liquor and wine by the box dispensing towers and ramps.
  • Oz or CL measurements
  • RS232 and RS422 serial ports
  • Report printing to a serial printer
  • POS interface
  • Can be used with the Draft Manager software for beverage reconciliation with POS report.
  • Can be combined with Eclipse liquor systems for a complete bar control system.

Imatic lets you combine draft beer dispensing, remote liquor dispensing and freepour flow meter monitoring on the same control system.

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