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Perlick was founded by Robert Perlick and his oldest son Walter, on January 1, 1917. They called their partnership the R. Perlick Brass Works.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President in 1932, his party repealed the Volstead Act, ending prohibition. In the years between 1929 and 1933, Perlick prepared for just that event. They also added a tube-bending department to their operation and enlarged their line of fittings for brewers and bottlers.

In the years that followed, Perlick manufactured brass fittings for in plant brewery use, along with keg fittings and cooler boxes cooled with ice. Perlick would soon develop a refrigeration department of its own.

Today, Perlick manufactures a full line of bar & beverage dispensing equipment in a 300,000 square foot facility in Milwaukee. Perlick is run by Steve Bergum and Larry Molinari, who represent the fourth generation of the Perlick family. As it was in 1917, and is still true today, “It Pays to Prefer Perlick”.


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